For the past week a certain movie has absolutely dominated my twitter feed. Many of the women (and men) that I follow are praising not only the movie’s strong female lead, but also its portrayal of compassion & love as primary sources of power. This is one of the themes of Seeking the Center

Of course I'm talking about Wonder Woman!

Well, last night I got to see for myself: My tweeps' observations were true AND Wonder Woman was very entertaining - attractive, action-packed, tight, and filled with many appealing (and appropriately unappealing) characters.

But what I like the most about it is this: Wonder Woman rejects the black-and-white thinking that you sometimes see in these ‘good versus evil’ stories. We all have the capacity for both good and evil. Our constant responsibility as humans is to try to skew towards the good. I love the way the film delivers this message, and I think it's especially important in times like these. (I also like that it's presented in a way that is appropriate for younger people - the film is rated PG-13.)

Finally I must add that in this case, although I'm usually fairly cheap (I'm a starving writer, after all!) I relished the opportunity to vote with my wallet for a movie with a strong female lead. We need many more of these!