This morning I skated for the first time in way too long.

I'm a bit of a fanatic about ice skating, so when my rink closed down for three straight weeks recently--during the dog days of summer, no less, when I especially crave this "cool" exercise experience--I was crushed.

There's a bunch of us who skate early, before work. We have an unspoken pact: No matter how many times we fall, or how goofy we look trying to perfect that mohawk, we don't laugh at each other. We do laugh with each other, though, and I missed that just as much as I missed the ice.

It was fun to finally see them all again. To feel the cool air on my sweaty face and the cold, hard ice under my--well, it's like my old skating buddy Hank used to say: "Be careful out there. The ice is slippery today." 

Winter's just around the corner...! Yay!