Ugh, my team is slumping. Even with a couple of the best scorers in the league, they've lost three games in a row. Which shouldn't be so bad, because like everyone, they know a slump is just a slump (hence the name) and that it will end.

But the problem with slumping - the very thing that makes it a slump rather than just a lost game or two - is that you don't feel like it will end. When you're slumping you've forgotten how quickly the weather can change. You've forgotten to have faith that it will. You're just on this endless run of thinking and over-thinking and, worst of all, trying not to over-think.

It probably doesn't help that every question a reporter asks you is about the slump. You can't get away from it. And although players, coaches, reporters and fans alike offer every possible cliché, unlike the situation with the weather, no one knows what forces will ultimately be responsible for the end of a slump.

No one knows.